Welcome to the GVRD Area Grid. If you play Netrunner, and live in the Vancouver or surrounding area, we play the 2nd and 4th Sunday at Mishra's Game Factory 7474 Edmonds St. in Burnaby. Top Runner's Conference
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We were able to hold a qualifier for World Domination 99: Dreff's Revenge. Wyatt Cheng emerged victorious with 9 GMP. Special thanks also go to Wyatt for being able to provide starters and boosters.

When you join, you will recieve one Regular Booster, one Proteus booster, the latest copy of the TRC Newsletter. We also have some glass beads for bit counters (supplies are limited), especialy great if you are just starting out with the game. For more information on the Grid Itself contact Che

Links I Find Helpful
Top Runners Conference
Our Parent organization. Complete list of TRC Grids, card rulings, tournament info and general discussion.
Neal's Last Words
Everybody's favorite fall guy. Articles on all things Netrunner PLUS A really excellent rating service. If you are new to the game, and are just starting to build your own decks, send them to Neal and he can give you some good suggestions on how to tweak them to their best advantage. Highly recomended.
Short Circuit Netrunner Resource Wizards of the Coast Official site
Cardplace Netrunner Card Generator
Need a quick reminder of what a card is and does? Just use this search to find the card you have a querry about.
Big Fracking Guide to Netspace
DOS program to keep track of your card inventory and build decks. Complete with card spoilers, costs, effects. Best of all, it's Freeware.

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